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Pillar 8

Logistics and Operations

The purpose of this pillar is to ensure that logistical needs are availed to the different sites according to need in a timely and efficient manner.


  • Operationalize Regional stores and preposition supplies
  • Procure and deliver all services and supplies as required by the various subcommittee


  • Conduct routine logistics needs assessment to inform forecasting and guide deployment of logistic
  • Develop a comprehensive list and conduct quantification of supplies for COVID-19 to inform decision making.
  • Provide warehousing and distribution services to facilities as guided
  • Conduct reverse logistic to minimise wastage and enhance efficient use of resources
  • Provide sample and ambulance transportation services for cases of COVID-19
  • Procure and distribute clinical care supplies and equipment
Pillar Chair: Dr Oteba
Pillar Deputy-Chair: Fred Sebisubi
Pillar Deputy-Chair: Bruck Omwayi

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