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Pillar: Risk Communication and Social Mobilization (RCSM)

The COVID-19 virus is new and, globally there is limited knowledge about this virus. There is evidence that provision of information to the general public about COVID-19 contributes to the prevention and control of the disease outbreak. The MoH therefore plans to implement RCSM interventions to raise awareness and build partnerships in preparedness and response phase of new coronavirus throughout the country. Information generation will be through the strategic information & research pillar to ensure evidence driven communication. Key messages on the status of the epidemic with respect to the status of surveillance, number of cases, prevention measures and community engagement for prevention and social protection will be given through Presidential directives and the MoH. Dissemination to reach all residents will be done by key stakeholders with and through the MoH.


  • Establish the RCSM subcommittee for COVID-19 RCSM.
  • Develop the COVID-19 Communication Strategy.
  • Support implementation of the COVID-19 Communication Strategy.
  • Develop mechanisms for monitoring effective delivery and effectiveness of the messages.

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