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Pillar 7

Risk communication, Social Mobilisation and Community engagement

The general public has limited knowledge about this virus as it is new. There is evidence that provision of information to the general public about COVID-19 contributes to the prevention and control of the disease outbreak
The MoH therefore plans to implement Risk Communication Social Mobilization and Community Engagements (RCSM-CE) interventions to raise awareness and build partnerships in preparedness phase of new coronavirus throughout the country.


  • 70% of the entire population is reached with appropriate messages on COVID-19 through mass media
  • 20% of the population is reached through social media
  • 30% of the hard to reach population is reached through outreaches


  • Crisis Communication
  • Health Education and stakeholder relation
  • Precautionary Advocacy
  • Outrage Management
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Innovate new approaches to enhance RCSM-CE


The risk communication activities are adapted from RCSM-CE component of national pandemic influenza plan, because of the similarities in their history on prevention and control. Activities include:

  • Conduct periodic KAP assessments.
  • Public awareness campaign e.g. mass media (radio, TV and newspapers) and social media
  • Develop, translate, pre-test, print and disseminate IEC materials in English, Chinese, local languages and refugee languages.
  • Orient the mass media personnel on the new corona virus.
  • Sensitize VHTs, Religious Leaders, Cultural leaders, Political leaders, Immigration leaders, Schools, Traditional healers, Transporters, Markets, refugee humanitarian workers, Bus parks and other targeted special groups on COVID-19.
  • Conduct house to house sensitization.
  • Conduct technical supervision to high-risk districts.
Pillar Chair: Mr Richard Kabanda
Pillar Deputy-Chair: Mr Tabley Byakyaita
Pillar Deputy-Chair: Douglas Lubowa

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