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Pillar: Surveillance and laboratory

There is need for sustained surveillance to facilitate early detection, reporting, verification, investigation, confirmation, and response to alerts and suspected cases. The following enhanced surveillance strategic areas will be focused on: Alert management and active case search, laboratory-based surveillance, community-based disease surveillance, health facility-based surveillance, quarantine, point of entry surveillance and contact tracing. This will be based on regular risk assessments and prioritization of districts.

COVID-19 surveillance activities will be conducted within the integrated disease surveillance and response framework to allow detection of other epidemic prone diseases eg. Measles, Acute Flaccid Paralysis, Ebola, and viral hemorrhagic fevers and continuity of services. Weekly and monthly Health Management Information System (HMIS) reports will continue to be submitted to Ministry of Health (MoH). The MoH will mobilize the partnerships needed for activation of all surveillance systems in the country as mentioned above.


  • Build national and district capacity on COVID-19 surveillance and reporting (NTF, IMT, DFT, Health workers, PoE, Health workers, PoE, responders and selected VHTs).
  • Conduct rapid risk assessment for COVID-19 importation into the country.
  • Strengthen active search and alert management systems at all levels.
  • Provide office space and equipment for the MoH & EOC.
  • Build capacity of laboratory and selected health staff on appropriate COVID-19 sample collection, packaging, handling and transportation.
  • Conduct performance evaluations for new test kits, servicing of laboratory equipment, purchase of parts needed for equipment repair (UVRI).
  • Support continued operation of the National Influenza Center at UVRI and the national laboratory specimen hub transport network.
  • Support Laboratory Accreditation
  • Strengthen surveillance at PoE, on cargo in transit within Uganda and at designated transit points along trans-national trunk roads connecting ports of entry.
  • Establish Port Health Services

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