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Pillar 4

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Innovation

The Corona virus situation is fast evolving and requires innovation and leveraging of digital health in the preparedness and response. There are opportunities to optimise service delivery by adopting recent developments in digital health during Uganda’s preparedness and response for COVID-19. This pillar aims to support other pillars to deliver more efficiently, ensure wider reach, quick validation of data and information while strengthening mechanisms for social distancing.


  • Utilizing digital tools to collect, collate, analyse and archive information including real time follow up of suspect cases, use of GIS to track location and movement of high risk persons and cases.
  • Use telemedicine to provide health care and other support services.
  • Implement e-meetings for coordination, communication and trainings
  • Strengthen monitoring and real time reporting for logistics, sample tracking and traveller screening forms at POEs and conveyance.


  • 75% of the self-isolated people are monitored digitally
  • 100% of activity reports are submitted digitally


  • Develop and deploy e-self diagnosis and monitoring form
  • Digitise traveller screening form
  • Implement telemedicine
  • Widen scope of implementation of e-meetings for example use of zoom
  • Implement a dashboard and knowledge management portal for COVID-19
  • Digitize sample management
  • Digitise activity reporting
Pillar Chair: Paul Mbaka
Pillar Deputy-Chair: Enos Sande

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