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Pillar: Continuity of Essential Health Service

Uganda’s health system resilience is being tested by the COVID-19 pandemic. This calls for a dual response to mitigate the impact on the Uganda population and maintain uninterrupted essential health services. This includes sustained response to outbreaks including Ebola, Yellow fever and Cholera, among others. In addition, the need to maintain responses to communicable and non-communicable conditions is important to avoid increased morbidity and mortality in the population.

Government commits to sustain the delivery of essential health services through existing networks while we continue to respond to COVID-19. Strategic actions are therefore required to harmonize and maintain essential health services within the context of COVID-19 pandemic. This will ensure the residents in Uganda continue to receive the essential care they need.


  • Strengthen coordination mechanism for essential health service continuity at the national and subnational levels.
  • Re-organize and maintain access to essential quality health services.
  • Strengthen reporting and monitoring of health service delivery.
  • Enhance capacity for delivery of essential and emergency medical services.
  • Strengthen the occupational health and safety programme in health facilities.

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