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Pillar: Case Management

In majority of COVID-19 cases, the affected individuals it is associated with mild disease (this may be in up to 80% of infected individuals) but the remaining 20% of individuals infected may have moderate to severe disease necessitating hospitalization in a designated COVID-19 facility, and 5% will have very severe and critical disease. Certain conditions put the patients at risk of severe disease and poor treatment outcomes these include; advanced age, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory diseases and immunosuppressive conditions like cancer.

Since there is no effective cure or vaccine for COVID-19, emphasis needs to be put on prevention of transmission from person to person at community level and points of congregation including Churches, mosques, schools, workplaces, etc. Focus will be on strengthening IPC including WASH in health facilities, institutions and communities. Treatment is mainly supportive. Corona virus infection may cause psychosocial stress because of the nature of the disease and may also cause social disruption to the; infected, affected, including responders and their families. Targeted response interventions by health including physical isolation may impact on COVID-19 affected communities’ mental health and therefore there is need to provide quality and culturally appropriate treatment and protection interventions through planning, implementing, coordinating, and monitoring psychosocial care and protection for people who are affected by Coronavirus. All confirmed cases of COVID-19 depending on their severity, will be managed in designated isolation facilities - including homes across the country. Mildly ill or asymptomatic patients will be isolated at homes, non-traditional facilities, General Hospitals or Health Centre IVs. Moderately to severely ill patients will be hospitalized in designated COVID-19 treatment centres which have a capacity for High Dependence Units (HDU) and ICUs.


  • Enhance the country’s capacity for management of COVID-19 cases.
  • Strengthen IPC and WASH in gazetted COVID-19 management facilities.
  • Strengthen the ambulance services for efficient referral of COVID-19 patients.
  • Building capacity for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHSSP) for COVID-19 effects.

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