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Pillar 2

Case management, Infection prevention and Control

There is no definitive treatment identified for COVID-19 thus far and treatment is mainly supportive. Focus will be on infection prevention and control in health facilities, institutions and communities. All confirmed cases will be managed in designated isolation facilities across the country.


  • Support Regional Referral Hospitals to have high dependence unit (HDUs) with capability to deliver critical care
  • Strengthen triage at all health facilities for acute respiratory illnesses
  • Designate isolation facilities for suspect and confirmed cases


  • 100% cases isolated in designated health facilities
  • All designated health facilities have trained teams able to manage SARI and ILI cases
  • 0% health workers involved in care of isolated cases get infected.


Case Management
  • Develop, print and distribute clinical management guidelines to the all health care facilities that will treat respiratory pathogens patients
  • Conduct refresher trainings and drills for health care workers (medical and ambulance teams) for clinical management of Severe Acute Respiratory Illnesses (SARI) and Influenza Like Illnesses (ILI) in all high risk districts
  • Equip isolation facilities at Entebbe Hospital and Naguru Hospital as High Dependence Units (HDU).
  • Orientation of Health care workers in Regional Referral Hospitals, SARI sentinel sites and high volume private facilities to manage suspect and confirmed cases.
  • Map public and private health facilities for COVID-19 readiness
  • Map Intensive Care Unit capacity in the country
  • Provide food assistance and/or specialized nutrition foods for suspects, patients and health workers
  • Conduct training and mentorship for health workers
  • Ensure effective and safe referral of suspects and cases.
  • Develop innovative approaches to case management
  • Assess diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines for compassionate use, clinical trials, regulatory approval, market authorization and post market surveillance.
Infection Prevention and Control in health facilities and isolation facilities
  • Revise and disseminate adapted IPC standard operating procedures and strategy for IPC and hospital acquired infections for COVID-19 to health facilities
  • Conduct IPC refresher training and onsite mentorship on standard and transmission-based precautions
  • Conduct surveillance for Hospital acquired infections for COVID-19 in health facilities.
Pillar Chair: Prof. William Worodria
Pillar Co-chair: Dr Jackson Amone
Pillar Deputy-Chair: Dr Bodo Bongomin

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