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Pillar 1

Coordination and leadership

Coordination during emergencies is critical as it involves the contribution of different sectorial agencies, teams and partners towards a common goal. Coordination can generate economies of scale, avoid fragmentation of multiple and targeted programs that require collaboration at service delivery level. Coordinated responses, timely inter-agency assessments and information sharing reduce the burden on affected people who may be subjected to demands for the same information from a series of assessment teams.


Ensure technical, operational and political support mechanisms are enhanced and supported daily to coordinate all aspects of preparedness and response.


  • Provide strategic direction to districts on key interventions
  • Mainstream Government and partner support in fully operationalizing this plan
  • Adjust the activities in line with new information or procedure/policy depending on the scenario or phase
  • Address field challenges through regular National Task Force, District Task Force and the coordination sub-committee


  • Activation of National Task Force, district task force and sub-committees.
  • Conduct resource mobilisation activities
  • Engage relevant sectors, partners and private sectors for COVID-19 preparedness and response
  • Hold advocacy meetings at national level for preparedness and response to COVID-19.
  • Monitor implementation of the plan; supervision, accountability forum
  • Conduct cross border coordination and collaboration
  • Develop and issue information products including situational reports on COVID-19
  • Conduct a simulation exercises
  • Activation of National and District Rapid Response Team
  • Ensure remuneration and compensation of responders
  • Conduct support supervision visits
  • Develop innovative approaches to effectively coordinate preparedness and response for COVID-19
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