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the Uganda response to Covid-19

The Ugandan response to the COVID-19 pandemic is laid out in the National Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) Preparedness and Response Plan (June 2020)

The key principles for preparedness and response to COVID-19 will encompass utilization of ICT innovations, community led approach and 24-hour surge capacity.

The plan is arranged according to different scenarios.

  • In scenario 1 (Best case scenario): no case is identified in Uganda and activities are focused on preparedness.
  • In scenario 2 (most likely scenario), a single case is identified in Uganda; response activities are initiated, and command and control structure shifted to the Office of the Prime Minister.
  • In scenario 3 (worst case scenario), multiple cases are identified; in which case activities of scenario 2 are enhanced and business continuity plans per sector activated.

The Plan outlines the steps and resources necessary for Uganda to respond to Scenario 1 and 2 (most likely scenario) above. In doing so it will create the necessary capacities and capabilities to allow Uganda to respond to other scenarios as called for by the evolving threat(s).

The response is centered around 8 key COVID-19 response pillars: